The app that makes you device sound loudest!.


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تطبيق Volume Booster

Boost phone volume at maximum level with this volume booster!

Just press one button to maximize volume instead of taking a more complicated path.

This volume booster will help you:

* listen to music at maximum volume;
* make the phone ring louder;
* play video with maximum volume.


* start the sound booster;
* press the soundbooster button;
* wait for the sounds to be maximized;
* minimize the volumebooster app to have all the sounds maximized.

Upon closing the volume booster, all the sounds will be restored to their original level.

The Volume Booster adjusts the volume for all audio streams of the phone, even on the phones on which this is not possible:

* Alarm sound;
* DTMF (keypad dialing sound);
* Music volume;
* Notifications volume (SMS, E-mail, etc);
* Phone ringer volume;
* System sounds volume (battery low, etc);
* Voice call volume.

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DISCLAIMER: Use the Volume Booster responsibly. Listening to loud music for prolonged times, especially on headphones, may cause hearing damage!

Align Software team thanks you and wishes you a good time!

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