Vont - Text on Videos APK

Vont - Text on Videos


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احدث اصدار

الاسمVont APK
الإصدار0.4.21 (42)
تم التحديث27 نوفمبر 2021
مطوّر البرامجyouthhr
عمليات التثبيت١٬٠٠٠٬٠٠٠+
الفئةتطبيقات, أدوات الفيديو

تطبيق Vont - Text on Videos

Vont هو تطبيق بسيط يسمح لك بإضافة نص إلى مقاطع الفيديو.

★ More than 200 fonts are available.
★ You can install other fonts.
★ Text size is changeable.
★ Text color is changeable.
★ Text shodow is changeable.
★ Text is rotatable.
★ Text stroke color and width is changeable.
★ Text background color is changeable.
★ Letter spacing is changeable
★ Line spacing is changeable

How to install fonts

1. Download font file from online. To search font, just google "FREE FONT".
2. Open font file (***zip, ***ttf, ***.otf) in Vont.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check out font license before installing.

Ad-Free option
Ad-Free option removes all advertisements from Vont. If you want to buy this option, please go to "Settings" in Font and tap "Ad-Free Option".
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