yandex VPN, one tap to connect VPN master!


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Yandex vpn is very fast.
#1 Free Vpn Proxy Server for Android
🍭yandex VPN, one tap to connect VPN master!
free Yandex vpn blocker for android free vpn for yandex browser vpn pro is a free VPN app to access internet security.
🎁A perfect solution for your internet browsing experience now!
Once you connect to your secure proxy, the app lets you browse the web browser on your app's vpn web browser Yandex, where you can add favorite top websites, set a homepage, and do everything what you do on your regular web browser.
Yandex web browser pro vpn blocker is a great tool for android users who find control issues in their living space.
With this app you can browse freely wherever you are.
Free, unlimited and built-in VPN:
There is no any restrictions with the vpn proxy speed or the volume of traffic and you could unblocked sites anywhere anytime.
this Yandex vpn pro is very fast when you use the network, it prevents hacker threats.
You can also switch to different virtual locations.
Secure VPN Proxy Servers Connected to Protect Personal Data By hiding public IP, you no longer need to worry about any privacy issue when connected to wifi hotspot or accessing content when you unblock sites or unblock apps.
If you use public WIFI in any location, Yandex Pro - Free Unlimited VPN Proxy keeps you away from information leaks.
User-friendly unblock proxy app interface
Free Yandex VPN Proxy is really Permanent Free, without any in-app purchases.
No limit on traffic, no log and usage time at all.
Over 2000 of free proxy servers, fast vpn yandex navigator distribute around the world.
Great tool for business trip or studying abroad, VPN for school.
No credit card required, no payment, forever free.
All traffic is encrypted by army protocol when Daily Yandex Proxy is running, truly privacy protection
We are constantly working hard to create the Yandex VPN IP location change app with this great experience.
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