The application of the Angels and Archangels.The good luck and the knowledge.


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Oct 21, 2021

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Archangels, cards of Angels APP

The future on your Android with the cards of Archangels, The good luck and the knowledge. Their purpose and how each one helps us, so you will know who to call on when you are in need. There's also information on which crystal to wear or carry with you to help you attune to their energies.
Remember that you can never call on them too often, or "overload" them as they are able to help multitudes of people simultaneously - they are there waiting to help you, and love to be asked.
Simply call on them by name, either out loud, or just talk to them from your heart.

NOTE: Maybe, on your phone, you will not see the app correctly. There are tand thousands of device models and adapted Android versions. Please, let us know the problem at Thank you!
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