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Arduino is an open source single-board micro controller, derived from the Wiring platform, designed to facilitate the use of electronics in various fields. The hardware has an Atmel AVR processor and the software has its own programming language.

The purpose of a single-board micro controller is: Arduino is a special device in the form of an electronic module whose shape and components are ready and ready to use.

The purpose of open-source we have explained before, that this device is free to be developed by anyone and made by anyone. However, there are still standards from the manufacturer.

Wiring platform is an open source electronic platform that consists of three components namely a programming language, IDE software (integrated development environment), and a microcontroller device.

The initial purpose of making Arduino was to make devices easy and inexpensive, from devices that existed at the time. And the device is intended for students who will create design and interaction tools.

There are many things we can make with Arduino, from simple to complex. Of course it must be added with sensors or other devices, because Arduino is just the brain.

The programming language used by Arduino uses C. If you have used C, C ++, Java, PHP, Javascript, then you might be a little familiar. However, the Arduino programming language has special functions that only exist in Arduino such as pinMode (), digitalWrite (), and others.

In this application contains a basic guide using Arduino, Arduino basic knowledge, basic C programming knowledge, the basics of Arduino programming, circuits that use Arduino and others.

This application is very helpful for beginners who want to learn Arduino in theory and practice.

This application can be downloaded for free without any charge and forever.

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