Arduino Robot Joystick APK

Joystick application for Differential/Omnidirectional Drive Arduino-based robots

UpdatedOct 01, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperNUDGE ME
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This app is dedicated to be used as joystick interface for Arduino-based (not limited to) robotic application.

It can be connected to the hardware using Bluetooth communication modules such as HC-05, HC-06 or Bluetooth Bee.

The serial output is in mathematical formula set for differential 2WD/4WD and Omnidirectional (either 3WD or 4WD) robot wheel configuration with adjustable headers (accessible through Settings Menu).

You however can set the output to be raw x and y value through the "Raw/Formula Output Mode" menu and return back to the formula mode at your convenience using the same menu.

Other than that, you can also get the raw form of magnitude and angle of the joystick based on its current direction and angle.

The app now is equipped with Serial Monitor window for your convenience. No need to use Serial Monitor from PC anymore (hence no USB cable needed).

There are 6 buttons on board which you can easily set the text they send via serial output using the Settings Menu.

The appropriate Arduino program or sketch needs to be used in order to parse the serial string sent by this app which you can easily build one yourselves.

You can contact me through email if you need the sample Arduino code.

Any problem please don't be hesitate to contact me through email.

Thank you.

What's New

* Update button/menu added - always get the latest update of the app
* 3 more buttons added for total control of your robot/project (Button 1, 2 and 3)
* Scroll-able settings menu
* New joy-pad color (changes color when connected/disconnected to/from Bluetooth device)
* Magnitude and Angle values are now combine-able (crucial for advanced robot motion control) - access by selecting magnitude or angle sending mode
* Angle values can be selected either in rad or deg format
* Other minor changes

Email: nudge.me959@gmail.com

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