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Arf - Send Bitcoin via Email APK

BTC Made Simple, Instant, Free

Arf Payment Ecosystem

We make Bitcoin Simple ● Free ● Instant

Arf lets you send / receive Bitcoin via email and pay merchants instantly & with zero miner fees.

To send Bitcoin via Arf you don’t need to know the recipient's Bitcoin address and they don’t even need to be an Arf user. Just send some Bitcoin to their email address and we handle the rest.

You don’t pay any network transaction fees or commissions when you send money within the Arf Payments Network. It’s FREE!

Every transaction within the Arf Payments Network occurs instantly. We built a new Layer 2 technology, called Pipeline, that validates all transactions instantly and settles them with Bitcoin network in bulk.

Arf uses non-custodial multisig wallets to handle all on-chain and off-chain funds. Your money is yours. So, even if we are hacked your funds are always safe.


Dear People,

It’s 2019 and we witness that despite all the technological advancements over the last couple of decades the current financial system, with all its power, left 1.7 Billion people on earth unbanked and without access to all what mankind’s finest has to offer. We believe profoundly that technology should be about democratization, fair access to all and creating an economy that has room for everyone’s dreams.

Hence, we’ve been envisioning a future for some time now where power has shifted to the people with a dream and aspiration for access to better services wherever they are. It entails a vision in which you are your own bank and have full control of your own destiny.

This future was almost realized by the creation of the Bitcoin network but the execution so far couldn’t live up to the ideation. Therefore, we decided to create a new, better & people-first payments solution on top of the existing Bitcoin network to elevate the execution to the level of Satoshi’s original idea by offering:

- Easy Bitcoin Transfers via Email

- Instant Payment Confirmation

- Zero Network Transaction Fees

- Private Keys Remaining Private (Non-Custodial)

While building this new future we promise to put people’s interests first in terms of the design, user experience, cost and the variety of services we will offer.

We hope that you join us and together, we can evenly distribute this future to the world today.


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1.1.6 (21100011) Jul 23, 2019
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