The best Argentine insults in spanish sounds to troll, prank and joke!


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Apr 6, 2022

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Argentine Spanish Insults APP

Argentine insults are famous for their originality, ingenuity and creativity put into it. For the people of Argentina, just any ordinary insult is not enough to offend others, and that is why they have the divine gift of insults.

This can be seen in the daily life of the country, on television and the media, or just social media. In fact, they have become famous through twitter, as a result of football, basketball and other sports.

That is why when Argentina plays, everyone is watching and waiting for see the insults of the fans through social networks, because Argentine expletives are the best in the world.

So, with this app we bring you nothing less than a compilation of 130 different sounds of insults Argentines so that you can laugh with such works of art and humiliate or offend your friends and close people with respect and humor.

The most diverse collection in the entire store, even with free taunt combos collected for specific people!

As if that were not enough, the design and graphics of this application, with the flag of Argentina and the emoji of insults, are very attractive, modern and simple, and the operation with the keypad or list of buttons is very easy. Just press the button with the text of the insult you want to reproduce! It will sound through your device's speakers to offend its target!

Finally and to top it all, by installing this software you will be able to:
* Share each insult or expletive through chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, or social networks like Twitter or Facebook to be able to insult from a distance
* Download each sound in your device's local storage, to play and share it whenever you want, and even set it as a ringtone or notification
* Share this fabulous app with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

Download now the largest and best compilation of Argentine insults to offend and insult from humor!
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