Buckle up as you take a ride through Argosy, an abandoned spaceship.


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Mar 21, 2022
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Argosy Space Adventure Game

Argosy Space Adventure (ASA) is a Sci-Fi / Horror Shooting game.

Discover the sophisticated turns and areas from Argosy, a spaceship which was in its full glory, now under the control of someone me and you wouldn't mind giving a fight.

Explore the spaceship to find hidden rooms with lots of goods to aid you in your journey, slay your enemies and progress further to uncover more areas of the spaceship.
Each level has its own unique salient features and structures, which can be explored.

Wide range of puzzles, ranging from easy flowing puzzles to confusing number pads, each door will have something to lookout for.

Make use of your arsenal which consists of one primary and two secondary weapons, one of which we consider OP. (Over-Powered)

Fret not, we will add newer weapons and content in the upcoming updates.

None of the story content has been revealed in the description, some of it is revealed in the game.
Not All.

Feel free to create your fan theories and post them on the comments below.
We will read each and every comment and the answer will be out on our next title.

Until then, have fun playing our game, please do leave your valuable feedbacks as it helps us further in handcrafting the game and build communication with our community, which we highly respect.

Thanks and GLHF Soldier.
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