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Fascinating numeric puzzle. Improve your memory, logic, computing numbers skills

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UpdatedAug 01, 2020 (6 months ago)
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A fascinating arithmetic numerical puzzle demanding on summing numbers skill, logic, memory, and computing speed. Learn to count numbers in your mind faster! Improve you memory by remember hidden numbers and special blocks effects! Try it if your like numbers, numeric puzzles and logic games.

A casual/addictive/puzzle game for everybody.

Arithmetris is a fun and addictive mobile numeric puzzle of summing numbers. It is a cool game for kids and adults, in which you have to sum numbers on the screen. That means that everyone can increase their computing skills. Moreover, I believe playing Arithmetris is good for the brain at all. You can upgrade your mental skills just by playing it. Arithmetris is like a gym for your brain! It could be interesting for those who love numerical puzzles and logic games. It is the first numeric puzzle game I have ever made for Android devices, so I worked hard trying to make it perfect for players. And I hope it made well. What is awesome is that this numeric puzzle is totally free and doesn't have any in-app purchases.


You only need one hand to play Arithmetris! In this logic and speed demanding numeric puzzle, you have to find the sum of a few numbers. This sum should be the same as the requested number. If it so, the bricks you used to get a sum will be destroyed and you'll get the score similar to the sum of those bricks' values. Brick numbers fall over time and players should hurry to be fast enough to find the desired sum before the pool of numbers overflows. Right after that, the game will suggest another number to find and speed and future number values will be slightly increased. Thus the numeric puzzle becomes harder over time.

The game wouldn't allow the situation when no more numbers fit together to get the requested sum of numbers(called task). So it is always the right way to get the sum. This means Arithmetris is a numeric puzzle game, that never cheat and allow players to win. Just be more attentive and hurry up. If the number you get more than the number you asked for, the game will alert you by changing selected bricks color to red. In this case, you should either unselect some bricks by tapping them. This action will subtract those bricks' value of the number you get.
The goal of this numeric puzzle is to hold out as long as you can challenging your numeric skills, memory, and speed. If you like to solve logic or intelligence tasks and numeric puzzles try it out now!

This numeric puzzle has the following features and advantages:
• leaderboard
• achievements
• button to immediately clear selection
• restart button
• simple UI
• game statistics
• compatible with most Android devices
• totally free (no in-app purchase)
• one hand game
• play without internet
• number of different bricks, which make this arithmetical numeric puzzle game such fun.

This numbers game also makes kids count and improve some basic math or computing numbers skills. For adult players, it is a funny and addictive number game to train their mind. So it's a nice logic puzzle game for kids and adults without the internet. A good alternative for sudoku, numeric puzzles or crossword puzzles, and other number games. So if you are looking for a good numeric puzzle game or an interesting logic game why don't you try Arithmetris then?

To summarize why should you try Arithmetris:
• it is easy to learn how to play, but hard to master
• it could increase your numeric skills
• it is like an exercise for your brain
• it is challenging numeric game
• it is a game for one hand
• you can play this game without internet
• for those who like numeric puzzles

Be alert, this game is very demanding to summing numbers speed, memory, and numeric skills. You might also need some practice in summing numbers to master the game! Now go try this number game!

If you like this numeric puzzle and want it to be translated into your language, you can write me an email offering your translation.

What's New

v 1.1.7: Improved stability.

Email: max.zhukovsky@gmail.com

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