Description: Ark Is Home - Survival Games 2019 APK

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UpdatedOct 21, 2019 (5 months ago)
Release dateMay 06, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Survive and explore the mystical survival island in the middle of ocean

This Ark Island Survival game is all about Surviving in the Ocean Home!

Do you like Survival Games 2019? Where you are stranded into deep ocean and looking for adventure survival. This Island Survival Game is full of Survival Adventure. Island survives only if you have skills of island survival. There are many other Island Survival Games but none is like our Island Games offline.

How did you get to this island?
You were out on survival adventure with your friend, boat crashed near this wild island. This survival island may have other survivors along with dangerous animals.
Island survival is full of wild adventure, island explore and animal hunting. Explore the island, look for food, build shelter, craft weapons, hunt animals and survive. This survival explore game is basically a survival simulator where you can have huge resources, wild animals and crafted weapons.

How to survive on island in middle of ocean?
Use your island survival skills to stay alive, fight against the wild bears and crocodiles. Hunt rabbit and other eatable animals to survive on island. It’s time to show your animal hunting and island survival skills in this life surviving game. Experience the best explore games play where survival adventure is waiting for you. Craft weapons, build shelter and find food in this survival island game to survive for the longest. You can find water in coconuts, rely on fruits for your food needs, hunt animals for meat and rawhides.
Survival Island features:

🐯 Hunting
This ocean island is full of dangerous animals. Hunt animals for food and survive, or animal will hunt you. Chose to be the survival hunter instead of victim. The best survival game is here.

🔨 Crafting
You are stuck on island in the middle of ocean, now ocean is your home. Mine useful resources to craft weapons for survival and to explore island. Craft these items: axe, pick-axe, spear, an ark and much more. Use these weapons to find food, water and survival. Crafting will help you to survive on the island.

🏠 Shelter Building
After crafting items, build a shelter on island. Explore the island for new resources, hideouts, and fruit trees. Building a home on the island in the middle of ocean is not an easy task. Do it for survival adventure.

🗿 Ark Shelter
To build your ark shelter in order to survive on island, gather basic materials, mine all stones and woods. Use your survival instincts to survive in the wildest island in ocean.

⌛ Explore mysterious island
In this island games offline, you try to explore the mysterious island full of secrets and resources. Explore the tropical forest and mysterious caves. Be careful, keep your weapons with you.

🌴 Traveling
In this island survival game, you are stuck on island, you need to travel to nearby islands full of resources and food. Build a raft, boat or a ship to travel to other islands in ocean. Explore new places on island, discover adventure islands. Most interesting explore game is for you.

🔥 Survival tips:
+ Collect resources at the seashore and craft tools.
+ Mine the useful resources that you'll see on island.
+ Build your own shelter to protect from wild humans.
+ Collect apples for food, cut coconut trees for coconut water
+ Hunt rabbits, bears and crocodile for meat and rawhides
+ Learn to survive on your own.

Find treasure in mysterious ruins
Now, you are on survival world adventure in this explore games play. Find mysterious locations, explore every nook and forest, vast riches could be there waiting for you.

Wild Survival Adventure
Are you really ready for all the hardships to be an ultimate survival hunter and best survive of the island? If you are ready then this ark home - survival Island is for you. Promising fun is hidden in the island quests and crafts. Dodge the wild animals on island to survive. Get ready for this awesome surviving game.