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Shoot enemies from your army car in military games

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UpdatedSep 19, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Fight in a desert to chase and fight the military games truck racing enemies. Mounting a 4x4 monster speedy truck you have to destroy the enemy ballistic shooter and military vehicle to win the gun game of master race for life. Play in 2 combined modes of 4x4 monster trucks military games play, where vehicle racing blends in with FPS gun master missions.

Destroy the enemies before they finished you. You have to be accurate while shooting the enemies like other army games. You can't miss any shots. Every shot counts - so make sure to hit it right on the target and finish it in one go. In this fps army car game you will be on top of a speedy moving monster truck humvee which will make it difficult to hunt down the enemy, the enemies will also be on vehicle which will make it more difficult for you to aim and shoot while military truck is in speed.. But with all the advanced weapons you have and by choosing the right weapon, you can win this military game easily.


In this army games, the Convoy military truck driver Jason Martin is passed by a woman in a 4x4 Tactical Truck , this trace leads to an encounter with a sheriff's deputy. Proceeding on his way, Jason Martin runs into fellow monster trucks shooting on him and make impossible for him to survive in this military game.

Jason and Melisa, the woman in Tactical Truck who escaped encounter from deputy sheriff, starts running away from the sheriff and his gang in military game truck, they have the local corrupt army with him. They are in military vehicles.

In this army game, Jason has to adopt tactical shooting expertise of car gun fighting game. You have variety of ballistic weapons in Melisa’s Convoy Military Truck which includes; AK47 assault rifle, M4M1 SMG Submachine Gun, M16 assault rifle, MP5 SMG Submachine Gun, Glock Pistols, Grenade Rocket Launcher, Scud Rocket Launcher, Hand Grenade. You have to use suitable weapons to fire back at the sheriff and his corrupt army and you have to defend yourself and Melisa in the encounter of the desert.

Mount the top of your Humvee to hunt down the enemies, be careful & defeat the enemy shooter before they outrun your army car and put a bullet in your head. The Humvee will be on auto racing mode, while players will be equipped with AK47 assault rifle, M4M1 Submachine Gun, M16, MP5 SMG Submachine Gun, Glock Pistols, Rocket Launcher, Scud, Hand Grenade.


AK47 assault rifle
MP5 SMG Submachine Gun
Glock Pistols
Grenade Rocket Launcher
Ballistic Rocket Launcher
Hand Grenade


>Endless truck racing concept with FPS gun master gameplay
>Engaging racing with assault rifle games play
>Desert battlefield environment
>Smooth and responsive FPS shooter controls
>Addictive action gameplay

What's New

New Levels added
Minor bugs removed

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