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After Jail Criminals Truck Transport Via Plane Enjoy US Army Cruise Ship Driving

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Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedMay 28, 2018 (2 years ago)

With Army Prisoner Transport Ship it’s time to captain cruise ship driving, cargo ship, ferry boat and other criminals transport boat on the high seas to transport the army criminals to the offshore jail and WW2 Transport Duty in this best transporter games.This Army Transporter game is the brand new latest and updated army truck transport game with armed truck action loaded with the blend of cargo truck transporter games and WW2 Transport Duty, police games, airplane simulator games and army games.Best thing about this truck transport simulator is that it will provide you fun of army transport games & US army games to drive tanks to the US military base with fun of cruise ship driving, load the cargo plane, army aircraft and enjoy cruise ship driving.

Expand your jail prisoners & criminals transport business after the wonderful success of army criminals and prisoners transport via the army transport plane and army transport van add this ship simulator as another transport game to your portfolio. Find yourself aboard different cruise ship driving, cargo ship or even ferry boat; driving each army boat and navy boat according to each’s required precision and accuracy. Face the sheer force of the sea boat as you take the army prisoners and jail criminals to the different offshore jail.

Captain this is classified duty, due to the jail break and prison escape threats the army and military will take over the jail criminals transport. This is a mission planned by the US army officials & as you once took charge of the transport plane and successfully transported the army criminals to the jail, this time too take this task and fulfil it in the required time. The task would seem easy as you have the experience of transporting jail criminals and army prisoners, begin the prison airplane transport duty as a criminal transport van and army truck driver. You have been driving trucks, buses, van and army cruise ship driving to transport all the army criminals in a secure way so there would be no way out to escape for jail criminals from this criminals transport ship and WW2 Transport Duty.The interesting elements of army helicopter transport are sure to fuel your love for army transport games & plane transport games wid transport truck, war tanks and transport plane.

You have proved your worth in the prisoner flight simulator game by skillfully maneuvers an army airplane full of illegal prisoners, where you played as the army airplane pilot, army helicopter pilot and army truck driver, so driving and steering a criminals transport ship won’t be that difficult for you. In Army Prisoner Transport Ship you will be given the full opportunity to command your vessel and cargo ship. With this newest addition to prisoners transport enjoy the best of army prisoner and jail criminals transport games where army prisoners are not just transported via army planes but also through other army vehicles and WW2 Transport Duty with army cruise ship.

Don’t for once think that your transport bus and transport van driving will not come to use, as in the initial levels you are going to transport all the illegal jail prisoners in army trucks, army vans and army bus. But the challenges of jail criminals and prisoner transport will upgrade with each passing levels, you be facing transport simulator hurdles that are never experience before. Clear all the army mission and over come every obstacle of army criminals transport that comes in the way of your duty, your focus should be on the successful transport of the army prisoners.

Features of Army Prisoner Transport Ship:

• Drive Army Transport Vehicles Like Army Truck & Army Ships for Army Criminals Transport.
• Transport All the Army Prisoners with Smooth Controls in tourist transport ship.
• Realistic and Amazing 3D View of Criminals Transport Plane.
• Different Army Transport Vehicles for Transporting Jail Criminals.
• Take The Role of One-Man Army On the Army Truck Transport, Army Boat & Transport Bus.

Latest Version

1.2 (3) May 28, 2018

Old Versions

1.2 (3)May 28, 2018
1.0.1 (2)Oct 20, 2017
1.0 (1)Feb 15, 2017
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Army Prisoner Transport Ship - Cruise Ship Driving