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1.0 · Feb 28, 2021

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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedFeb 28, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence app

Learn python, machine learning, deep learning and mathematics behind AI.

If you are a student, teacher or professional developer then you are at right place. In this app we will study.
1. Python
2. Machine learning
3. Deep learning
4. Robotics
5. Artificial intelligence
6. Mathematics behind all these concepts
In this app we will pick a topic and discuss in detail but as we know artificial intelligence is all about mathematics, so after discussing the topics we will cover the math behind every topic.
Now a days market of machine learning is very high, so number of jobs are available and we need to learn python before we dig into machine learning, so first we will understand the language python then we will study the machine learning and deep leaning etc.
Python is a programming language used for multipurpose like website development, app development, machine learning, deep learning, and scientific calculation etc. In this app we will start from practicing the python language. Following topics are discussed in this app.
1. Basics of python
2. Loops (for loop, while loop)
3. Functional programming
4. Object Oriented programming
5. Inheritance
6. Abstraction
7. Polymorphism
8. Encapsulation
Python Libraries:
For Artificial Intelligence we have to grip on some prebuilt python libraries. We will cover following libraries in this app.
1. Numpy
2. Scipy
3. Scikit-learn
4. Theano
5. TensorFlow
6. Keras
7. PyTorch
8. Pandas
9. Matplotlib

Machine Learning:
Machine Learning(ML) is the application of artificial intelligence that enable the system to automatically learn and improve from previous experience without being explicitly programmed. Following Topics are discussed in this app.
1. Basics of machine learning
2. Future of machine learning
3. Algorithms used for machine learning
4. Types of machine learning
5. Applications of machine learning
6. Mathematics for machine learning

If anyone wants to cover specific topic then do contact us and we will write complete tutorial about suggested topics and feed you back.


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