Be the god of war in the time of apocalypse to win the dimensional war!


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Oct 14, 2022
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Ascension Heroes GAME

Be the god of war in the time of apocalypse to win the dimensional war!

Be a god or a hero to stop the end of the universe. The RPG for those who want to be a god!
In the turmoil of the resource war with the gods of evil, you're the catalyst for a change needed to save the world!
The heroes in mythology and legend are waiting for you.

▶ War in the realm of god beyond this dimension
Obtain as much resources as you can on the endless maps in the battle city.
Collect and upgrade lots of ancient gods and heroes.
Defeat and dethrone the fallen archangel in the Boss Raid.

▶ The most competitive strategy war
Select the main attributes, heroes, and equipment strategically.
Build your deck based on the enemy's attribute and make a cool counterattack.

▶ A gift from benevolent god
For beginners only! Get a hero of legend and a goddess of mythology for free just by completing Story.
Challenge the Infinite Tower. The winner gets a seasonal hero character and a legendary equipment item for free.

▶ The best-optimized gaming experience
The AI Auto-Hunt will save your time and energy.
No more boring idle games! Login whenever you want and play for just as long as you want.
Watch the cool visual effects for the skills of the anime characters.

The RPG you've been waiting for.
Download and play Ascension Heroes now!

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