Astral Projection - How to Do It APK

Prepare And Get Yourself ready to Have Fun Exploring The Astral Realm dimension!

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Astral projection also known as the out-of-body experience and as "soul travel", can happen to anyone at any time in one's life. It is often confused with vivid or lucid dreaming, in this guide to how to master the astral travel techniques you will find many tips to learn properly how to free your mind and reach meditation state so your soul can go to places that your physical body can't.

Our manual for astral plane includes , tips, methods, and answers to your each inquiry and questions about out of body encounters and inside the app you will find over 100 articles that speaks about different topics concerning kundalini awakening, chakra, myths and benefits of OBE.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an accomplished astral traveler, this application will show you how to master astral travel safely and effectively.

Email: mustafa.louarat@gmail.com

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