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Oct 9, 2022

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AstroTab+ APP

AstroTab+ is an application for astrologers. It is based on Astrotab pro which was suspended in 2021 (similar content).
Astrotab+ is a revival of the concept: an easy-to-use, ingenious and fun astrology application.

AstroTab+ is adding a few new features, the most important being the shared interpretation system. natal charts are now saved on a server, which makes it easier to use astrotab on multiple devices.

No more multiple astrotab apps with unlocked feature. astroTab+ use in-app purchase to unlock full features. You will have a free month trial

Here is a non-exhaustive list of functions:
- astrological calculation including all the main planets as well as asteroids (chiron, ceres, etc...), fictitious points (nodes, black moon) and composites (part of fortune, midpoint, etc...)
- includes the modes: natal, transit and synastric, each of which can be composed (several natal charts composed in one). to this is added the chart of the sky which gives the sky at a given moment
- calculation of the power of the planets according to their speed, the number of aspects, the exaltation, etc... The whole being configurable.
- search for an astral configuration in time or in the list of natal charts
- editing of interpretations, translation of existing interpretations, free choice of the interpretation that best suits
- list of natal charts classified with a filtering system to facilitate the search.
- sharing themes by email, sms, etc...
- import and export of the list of natal charts

For users of the former paid AstroTab version, I offer free use of AstroTab+, see for explanation on how to do.
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