It is an application for using au Wi-Fi SPOT and Wi-Fi HOME SPOT . ※ It applies to au smartphones in the spring of 2015 before .


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Aug 10, 2020

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au Wi-Fi接続ツール(〜2015春モデル) APP

※please note
・ This application is an application provided for au smartphones released in spring 2015 "previous". There is a possibility that the au smartphone of the 2015 summer model “or later” will not operate correctly.
・ For customers using au smartphones after the 2015 summer model, use the following auWi-FI connection tools.
[AuWi-Fi connection tool for 2015 summer model and later]
・ Please confirm the au homepage for confirmation of the release date of au smartphone.

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It is an application for using au's public wireless LAN service "au Wi-Fi SPOT" and au's in-house Wi-Fi device service "Wi-Fi HOME SPOT" conveniently.
※ For details on au Wi-Fi SPOT and Wi-Fi HOME SPOT, check the au website.

■ au Wi-Fi SPOT function
・ You can set to use all au Wi-Fi SPOT.
※ You can use au Wi-Fi SPOT just by turning on the Wi-Fi function of the 4G LTE compatible model. Perform this setting only if you want to use all au Wi-Fi SPOT.
・ You can search Wi-Fi spots.

■ Wi-Fi HOME SPOT function
・ You can easily connect Wi-Fi to your home Wi-Fi device (default setting).
・ You can diagnose the health after Wi-Fi connection.

■ Remarks
・ When automatic connection setting of this application is ON, change Wi-Fi function of the main unit to ON at the following timing.
-Start this application
-Restart the unit or turn on the power
※ If the version is 7.7.2 or later, this function is discontinued, so this application does not turn on the Wi-Fi function of the main unit.
・ If you delete this application, some models will not be able to use au Wi-Fi SPOT.
・ For the privacy policy of this application, please refer to the "Privacy Policy" of TOP menu> Option menu> Information.
・ If two au Wi-Fi connection tools are displayed on Google Play, please install the one described as "au Wi-Fi connection tools".
・ Please download this application from "au Market" if you use au contract terminal equipped with Android1.x to 3.x.
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