It is an application for using au Wi-Fi SPOT .


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Nov 30, 2022

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au Wi-Fi接続ツール APP

This is an application for convenient use of au's public wireless LAN service "au Wi-Fi SPOT".
* For details on au Wi-Fi SPOT, refer to the au homepage.

■ Important notice
Thank you for your continued patronage of au.
au provided the "au Wi-Fi connection tool" as a dedicated application for the public wireless Wi-Fi service "au Wi-Fi SPOT", but this time it will be released for the OS "Android12" released in the fall of 2021. The service will be discontinued.
You can continue to use the "au Wi-Fi Connection Tool" app on OS versions up to Android 11.
If you have upgraded to Android 12, please uninstall the "au Wi-Fi Connection Tool" app or disable the app.

As an alternative service, we offer a new service "au Wi-Fi Access" that allows you to use the area equivalent to "au Wi-Fi SPOT" with high security. You can conveniently use au and Wi2 Wi-Fi spots with automatic connection without the burden of.
au Wi-Fi access

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who use au Wi-Fi on Android 12, but please consider migrating the service.

■ au Wi-Fi SPOT function
・ You can make settings to use all au Wi-Fi SPOT.
* For 4G LTE compatible models, you can use au Wi-Fi SPOT simply by turning on the Wi-Fi function of the main unit. Only those who wish to use all au Wi-Fi SPOT should make this setting.
・ You can search for Wi-Fi spots.

■ Remarks
・ If the automatic connection setting of this application is ON, the Wi-Fi function of the main unit will be changed to ON at the following triggers.
-Launch this application
-Restart the main unit or turn on the power
* If the version is 11.1.3 or later, this function is abolished, so this application will not turn on the Wi-Fi function of the main unit.
・ If this application is deleted, au Wi-Fi SPOT cannot be used on some models.
-For the privacy policy of this application, refer to "Privacy Policy" in TOP Menu> Option Menu> Information.
・ If two au Wi-Fi connection tools are displayed on Google Play, install the one labeled "au Wi-Fi connection tool".
・ If you are using an au contract terminal equipped with Android 1.x to 3.x, download this application from "au Market".
・ If you are using an au smartphone with Android 8.1 or later, set the location information setting of the smartphone to "ON" when connecting to an au Wi-Fi SPOT other than [SSID: au Wi-Fi2]. If the location information setting is OFF, you cannot search the surrounding Wi-Fi due to Android specifications.
・ Customers using Android 11 OS need to make manual settings from the Settings app to connect to a specific SSID "au_Wi-Fi2".
For details on the setting method, please check au HP.
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