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The AKJV free Audio Bible App is designed and approved for use by Christians.

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The Bible is the only universally accepted written document that unifies all Christians around the world despite their different religious dogmas and beliefs.

This American King James version has been written using American English which is easily understood when read. This translation of the KJV ensures that people get to read and listen to the bible as it is being read in plain American English.

Careful attention has been given to all details which ensured that typo errors were eliminated as the original Greek and Hebrew words were translated into modern day American English for easy comprehension.
The graphics user interface with which the Audio American King James Bible was designed is friendly and can is easily navigated.

๐Ÿ‘ Features:

โšซ Audio Bible designed with great flexibility which gives you the pleasure of fine-tuning the speed of the voice, the tone, and the volume.

โšซ Offline and Free: The Audio American King James Bible is totally free and all its features are programmed to work perfectly in its offline mode.

โšซ Bookmarking of verses is an important feature of this audio Bible, the American King James Bible is designed to bookmark verses with ease to enhance personal study and cooperate worship.

โšซ Font sizes are adjustable for convenience by the user. People eye sights differ so this Audio Bible has taken into consideration different font sizes that suit the majority of eyesights when designing the American Audio King James Bible app.

โšซ Night mode or Day mode:
Night Mode is an important feature of the Audio Bible and it has been programmed to eliminate blue light rays which can damage the eyes and the quality of sleep when exposed for long.
The Day Mode feature is designed to enhance study during the daylight without having to maneuver your eyes just to read the text of the bible or navigate through the App.

โšซ Create a list of favorite verses organized by dates
The Audio Bible App is designed to aid and motivate your spiritual growth as the AKJV Bible App is programmed in such it becomes easy to create and access the favorite scriptures you love to read and meditate on which is organized by dates.

โšซ Add note feature is always important for students of the Bible because it is quite refreshing to always write down the message you get that has inspired you.

โšซ Share verses social networks: Social media has come to stay and is now a part of our daily lives. The Bible App is designed to be compatible with all social media network to make for easy sharing of verses and portion of the Bible

โšซ Send verses of the Bible by email: This feature is also quite important because it makes sharing verses of the Bible formal for some people you may hold in high esteem or for a formal setting.

โšซ Keyword Search:
This is a very important feature of the American King James Audio Bible because it makes it easy for the user to locate the complete verses of the scripture by typing keywords or an idea of the portion of the verse the user can remember. This Keyword search makes studying the Bible fun and fulfilling.

โšซ Remember the last verse read: This is one feature that makes the Audio Bible quite flexible and convenient for study. After you have closed the App, it atomically saves the last page you have read. So if by mistake you close the audio Bible App donโ€™t get all worked up, just open the App again and you will see the last page you opened.

โšซ Receive verse notifications on the phone:
This is flexibility at its peak because the American Audio Bible has been designed to allow the user to adjust the notification settings to suit his or her personality. The choice to receive portions of the scriptures daily, on Sundays or never is totally in his hands.

๐Ÿ‘ The American King James Audio Bible is user-friendly and dummy proof which means everyone can use all its features without requiring external assistance.

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