AppLock Prevent spying, Protect privacy, guard your phone security.


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Jul 23, 2018

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Aurora Applock Pro APP

Prevent spying, Protect privacy, guard your phone security.
If someone uses your phone, the “AppLock Pro” to lock the privacy app and prevent others from snooping.
Through the password to prevent others to view your social software and other privacy app, to avoid revealing unnecessary secrets.

Easy to use, efficient and safe “AppLock Pro” app, should be your good choice.
We have the following features:
1. You can choose to encrypt all applications within the phone, all aspects of protection of your mobile phone and privacy security;
2. Use pattern password, digital password in two ways to protect mobile phone security;
3. Efficient and stable, compared to similar App more stable, more energy-saving use.

Add Device Manager permissions
A privacy protection application, in order to prevent being maliciously uninstalled. We need to add Device Manager permissions to prevent third parties from uninstalling. Of course, if you need to uninstall, please go to the application to turn off Device Manager permissions, and then you can uninstall this application.
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