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NameAuto Background Remover APK
Version1.3.3 (33)
UpdatedOct 09, 2021
CategoryApps, Photography

Auto Background Remover - Background Changer App

Automatic background changer - remove background of your photo!

★ Automatic background changer & background eraser is designed for users to change image background easily. Image background is now so easy to change and apply to high class photo background. This is one of the best applications about background eraser & background editor with a new technique name is machine learning, a powerful and fast way to remove background of your photo and change it to a new one.

★ Our application - Auto background remover & background changer is a totally free application that can automatically erase background, make your photo have a transparent background like PNG format. This application allows you to change photos background perfectly and easily with AI technique.
Also, you can manually change your picture background easily if you want to edit small mistakes. If you want to change your photos background just choose your photo and wait a moment it will auto erase background for you. There are 50+ beautiful HD backgrounds in this application. You can use anyone from them as a photo background. Also, you can change background by picking an image from your gallery or taking it from your camera as you want. This app includes smooth edges, refine edges tool for accurate result.

★ Features:
- Auto cut out: Automatic background changer with AI auto removal background
- Background removal/background retrieval
- Manual eraser background by finger touch
- Zoom In and Zoom Out
- Magic tool to work automatically
- Magnifying glass option
- Smoothing edge and refine edge
- Seamlessly change background and adjust Contrast, Brightness and Saturation - to look real
- 50+ HD backgrounds that you can change your photo background
- Share photo through social network
- Save as transparent background
- Save your edited photo on mobile storage

Download Photo background changer - background remover and background eraser app to change photo background automatically like real magic! You can remove the Photo background automatically in 1 click and replace any photo around the world.

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Cut out and change photo background with HD beautiful backgrounds. Try Now!!

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