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Nov 21, 2023

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Auto Click : Automatic Clicker APP

Auto Clicker is an automatic clicker that helps you to click repeatedly at any position at specified time intervals. Root access is also not required.
It can help you complete tasks that require repeated taps or swipes, and is suitable for those who want to use
It's perfect for users who click to read newspapers, surf the web, and play games.

- Set self-starting application
- Friendly user interface, easy to use
- Support multi-click, multi-swipe
- have a global timer that runs for a certain amount of time
- Can import/export automated scripts
- Quick clicks with only 1 ms intervals
- Personalization, set your favorite skin
- Individually set the parameters of the click, such as touch duration and number of repetitions

- Only supports Android 7.0 and above.
- Requires Accessibility Service to work.
- No ROOT permission required.

Autoclicker uses the AccessibilityService API to implement the core functionality of the program.
1. Why use the AccessibilityService API service?
✓A: The program uses the AccessibilityService API service to realize core functions such as automatic clicking, sliding, synchronous clicking, and long pressing.
2. Do we collect personal data?
✓A: We will not collect any private information through this interface of the AccessibilityService API.

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