150v150 totally massive war simulator game with intense PvP battles.


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Apr 4, 2022
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Auto Tactics - Mass Battler GAME

⚔️ War simulator
Build totally massive armies and watch epic 150v150 battles in this intense real-time PvP mass battler. With impressive war simulation, you have to outsmart your enemy, using the right units, but watching your resources!

♟️ Art of war
Aiming to be one of the best battle simulator games out there, Auto Tactics focuses on real strategy, with dozens of unique units. Create a legion of barbarians, catapults, wizards and dragons fight for glory!

🎯AUTO BATTLES: Deploy your army and watch them fight
🏹QUICK MATCHES: Matches last 2-5 minutes
🗡️EPIC STRATEGY: Outsmart your opponent with clever tactics
🐲RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Spend your resources carefully!
⚔️REALTIME PVP: Fight in realtime against other players
♟️CHALLENGE MODE: Create challenges and publish for other players (coming soon!)
🛡️GUILD CAMPAIGN: Join a guild and fight in the war campaign (coming soon!)

Auto Tactics has an active Discord community 💬, join and talk directly with the devs! Give your feedback, learn new strategies and discuss new features to help build the game!
🔊Discord: https://discord.gg/3qFSywU
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