AutoOff - Shutdown Timer ROOT APK

AutoOff - Shutdown Timer ROOT


Give your phone a break, and sleep better without radiation from your device!


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Jul 26, 2018

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AutoOff - Shutdown Timer ROOT App

Requires root!

AutoOff allows you to automatically shutdown your device at a set time. You can schedule the timer either in minutes until shutdown or set the exact time of shutdown. Furthermore you can set the timer to automatically start on boot.

The dynamic notification keeps you informed about the remaining time and lets you extend or stop the currently running timer with ease.

You can set a short sound or vibration to notify you about an upcoming shutdown and optionally shake your device to delay the shutdown.

The app can be locked by a pincode or fingerprint to prevent someone stopping or extending a timer.

Perfect for automatically turning off your phone after you fall asleep and avoiding radiation from your device for the whole night.

AutoOff is now open source!
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