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Sep 7, 2022

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Some people live to eat. (We see you, foodies.)

Others eat to live. (Hello, bio hackers.)

We say you can do both.

Avatar Nutrition is a total body transformation system that helps you eat for a life you love while gaining total control over your weight and body fat!

We believe healthy eating should be simple, straightforward, sustainable….and include food you actually enjoy.

Be that as it may, would you agree that there’s a lot of confusion about what’s actually “healthy”?

Between nutritional experts debating whether or not we should eat sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, or if we should even be eating them at all…it’s hard to know what to believe.

We’ve seen countless people struggle with their weight and get taken advantage of by people selling diet gimmicks. (We all know the latest fad diet is just that...a fad).

There’s just so much (mis)information to sift through.

That’s why we take a big picture approach to health.

A macro approach.

Whether you are:
going through a major life change > trying to build new habits > getting life back on track > looking for greater control in your life > creating new routine
training for a competition
bouncing back from a pregnancy
gaining weight after an illness
slimming down to feel your best

We can help make those goals your reality!

The Avatar Nutrition Total Body Transformation System was built in conjunction with nutrition science research partners at top-tier universities.

Since our launch in 2015, we have helped 100,000+ clients lose 2,000,000+ pounds!

The key to our success is showing people what they’d been missing on every other diet they’ve tried.

What few people know is how to eat accurately.

Every person has a unique need for protein, carbs, and fats - the building blocks of all foods we call “macros.”

The Avatar Nutrition system makes it easy for you to understand your unique macro targets based on your goals, ultimately giving you lasting control over your health.

Here’s how it works:
Set a goal
Log your food daily > based on feedback > adjusts
Follow the daily macro recommendations
Check-in weekly for your new macros adjustments and watch your body transform

The best part about this system is that it is impossible to mess up!

Avatar is designed to nudge your daily intake to keep your weekly average range right where it needs to be for you to make progress. > so you never plateau

So you can go ahead and stop hiding in the pantry while you sneak a bag of chips.

It’s actually okay :)

Avatar delivers a best-in-class nutrition coaching service to get you results.
Live chat with our certified coaches 7 days a week
Track your macros quickly to take the guesswork out of healthy eating
Stay inspired by our incredible online community of 25,000+ members

Consider this: a personalized plan from a licensed nutritionist typically costs upwards of a couple hundred dollars for just two sessions.

With Avatar Nutrition, you get a scientifically-backed system and a built-in support community for just $9.99 a month or a discounted annual rate of $97.99 a year.

It’s a steal.

If you are ready to take control of your health, try out the service risk-free with a 2-week trial. No contract. Cancel anytime.
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