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Open Alpha Optin: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.bilboldev.joestrategy

Version0.1.2 (18)
UpdatedSep 17, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Adventure

Game dev notes: Game is still in the early phases of development. Unfortunately google doesn't allow unpublishing once published thus I can't switch back to alpha completely. Many apologies for game malfunctioning :)
To opt in alpha and get more stable versions of the game: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.bilboldev.joestrategy

Average Joe: Survival is a game about a collection of average Joes who are stranded in the middle of a weird forest. Using the resources around you, establish a small colony and protect your Joes from hostile animals, barbarians... erm... Fishheads and Zombies... ok..

You control a bunch of random Joes stranded in the middle of a forest. With a limited starting stockpile, you have to build a colony that provides civilized life to attract more Joes. Beware though, the forests contain weird creatures that may pose a threat.

Cut trees for wood, demolish mountains to reveal precious ores that can be mined. Us the ore to forge iron bars to craft weapons.

Over a dozen of wild life types each with unique stats and drop items.

Over a dozen of weapons/armors to help you face the wild. Discover their crafting recipes on the crafting table.

Use animal unique drops to concoct potions.

The game is still in the early phases of development and any suggestion is more than welcome.

Capture hostiles and turn prisoners into friendlies!

What's New

Build 18:
- Fixed some bugs leading to crashes

Build 16:
- Added basic sounds

Build 15:
- Added a hint

Build 14
- New icon
- Auto-scroll to stockpile on new game / resume game
- Bug fixes

Build 13:
- Added a new quest
- Added Lab and potions

Email: email moussakhalil1990@gmail.com

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