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Free download avosmis Plus academy (Law Office)-Free 1.9.7 apk app latest version for android


- Have you ever wondered when you will get an application on your phone that will give you full use and trust?
- Do you want to show off features that have not yet been released in any other application?
Simply switch any application on your phone to avosmis Plus. It's basically a version you can trust, and its easy use with magical capabilities not only helps you save time but is a hidden person standing by you whenever you want.
What we offer is a neat list of the most useful applications, thus reducing your time and meeting your needs that need to be always aware of everything.
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Afmosys Plus is divided into three different entities:
First: avosmis Plus Academy which contains:
1 - Establishment of office or more.
2 - Manage your office (s) for each office separately. With the possibility of switching between offices.
3 - follow up (your sessions - minutes - alarms) with the distribution of meetings to the lawyers of the Office and follow them moment by moment.
4 - You can distribute the work (assignments by date) to the lawyers of the Office with follow-up.
5 - Comprehensive legal library - the first application that contains the provisions of revocation in all disciplines with constant updating.
6 - door to request jobs or search for a job.
7 - Information of interest to all lawyers (public services - postal codes Egypt - Real Estate Registration).
The door of the thoughts of his lawyers and through him you can publish all your legal skills.

Second: Free app avome:
You can respond to legal advice to citizens - and search for you while communicating with the public - follow your announcement
Located on the Play Store
Free application for the general schedule - fresh graduates first year
(avosmis Plus)
Your office is in Your hand
We are happy with all suggestions, directions and denunciation by sending them on

To connect to the Wattab: +2 01020188980

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avosmis Plus academy (Law Office)-Free 1.9.7

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