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Dec 3, 2022
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If you're tired of ads and annoying notifications, but your favorite browser keeps showing you yet another marketing block, you've come to the right place. With our AWAX ad blocking service, you'll be able to consume content without being distracted by pop-ups, banners, and video ads trying to get you to download some useless stuff. We've developed a unique service that blocks unwanted ad content even before it loads on your mobile device.

Functions and tools of AWAX ad blocker

The AWAX ad blocker tackles the main problems of the modern internet - privacy and marketing. With our solution, you not only protect yourself from intrusive ads but also save on data usage.

Saving data with AWAX ad blocker

Ad blocks and video ads are a very data-intensive type of content. To reduce their ‘appetite’, it's better to use ad-blocking services. AWAX is just the right tool for blocking such ads.

Energy efficiency with AWAX ad blocker
Displaying any content consumes battery power. If, during basic usage on a mobile device, users can control their battery life, advertising often ignores the remaining battery charge. This is another reason to use the AWAX ad blocker. It disables ads, banners, videos, and notifications, thereby reducing the load on the processor, RAM, and video memory.

Browser freedom with AWAX ad blocker

If you're tired of constant ad notifications, pop-ups, and redirects to third-party websites while browsing, take a look at AWAX. It blocks intrusive content, such as pop-up ads, on all existing platforms and websites.

Protection from ads with AWAX

Most similar apps require root access on Android. AWAX works perfectly without accessing system data, using only its own resources. No changes are made to the firmware, although ads are blocked even in the manufacturer's UI (especially relevant on Xiaomi smartphones).

How does the app work?

AWAX ad blocker uses a local VPN connection and special filters that weed out malicious links. We have developed our own AWAX algorithms that efficiently save data usage and battery life on your device. This approach is possible by creating a local VPN server on your phone. Unlike free services of a similar format, we do not collect data for transmission or sale to third parties. We use fair formats of cooperation and monetization, providing you with only the requested service and necessary features instead of profiting from users' confidential information.
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