AxleLoad - determination of truck axle loads APK

Determine the load on the axles creating in the app of your truck and cargo

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UpdatedFeb 14, 2020 (11 months ago)
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Why application:
- avoid penalties for overloading axles by calculating the load on the axles. Do not lose the client, do not give a lot of money;
- help the consignor to immediately arrange the cargo correctly before loading - no need to move the cargo after loading, this will irritate the consignor;
- load more without fear of overload - you can earn more;
- assess what the loads will be on the axles if you raise the sloth or the axle on the semi-trailer. Save on rubber or on fines.

Recommendations for working with the application:
- more accurately measure the car (dimensions and weight along the axes of an empty truck) - more precisely it will coincide with real life;
- check the serviceability of the suspension and check the tire pressure;
- if you think that there is excess weight (wheels, fuel, pallets, tools, snow), add weight to the characteristics of the truck.

Enlarge the load:
- if the goods are more than 50, then the program will slow down or even fly out. This is not correct, nothing can be done
- it will be more convenient to move the load in the truck.

Any cargo can be represented in the form of four types of geometric shapes:
- pallets of standard sizes without hanging cargo - standard parallelepipeds;
- pipes, rolls of paper or metal, cable reels ... - horizontal cylinders;
- barrels, concrete rings ... - vertical cylinders;
- non-standard pallets, equipment in boxes, etc. - parallelepipeds of any size.

What kind of cars do not have:
- container ships - will be.
- bonnet singles - will be.
- four-axle singles and four-axle semi-trailers - we can not make a calculation formula. If you know how to count and want such machines to appear in the application - write in the feedback form.
- dump trucks - there are wonderful calculations for them (link). Dump trucks - a wonderful free calculator already exists https://samosval.info/katalog-transporta/peregruz.php#KALKUL

Why the calculation in the application may not coincide with the load on the scales (text + illustration):
- inaccurate measurements of the size of the truck. All in your hands. Check the data on the Internet, or immediately take from there.
- inaccurate data on the weight of the cargo (the weight in the documents does not coincide with the real weight). Consider the weight of the package.
- inaccurate data on the weight of the truck: more / less fuel (+/- 500 kg), excess spare wheel (up to 150 kg), tools (up to 50 kg), pallets (14 kg per pallet), sticking snow (up to 2000 kg) .
- failure of the suspension (lowers the cushion, spring broke) leads to the transfer of the weight of the load from the faulty axis to the rest.
- unequal tire pressure. On the trailer axle with more pressure in the tires, the load will be greater than on the neighboring ones.
- scales are guilty: uneven ground or malicious intent, alas.

What's New

Minor improvements.
Spanish language added.

Email: axleloadinfo@gmail.com

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