Ayatul Kursi 2019 MP3 Offline Audio APK

Ayatul Kursi reciting & listening is ready in digital form HD text to MP3 audio

Version1.4 (8)
UpdatedJan 13, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperRadiant Islamic Apps
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Ayatul Kursi 2019 MP3 Offline Audio reciting free app is really workable to read Ayat ul Kursi, to memorize it and to listen Ayat ul Kursi in the very appreciative voices of QURAN reciters. Ayatul Kursi HD text is a very beautiful hand written printing of Quranic words for reciting sacred Ayatul Kursi. New free Ayatul kursi recitation app is a genuine copy of actual part of Quran Majeed. A little Ayatul Qursi listening audio MP3 app is able to carry at the distal locations with you in your mobile apps gallery. Learning and hearing of Ayatul Qursi is made possible at one Quranic app by giving two different functions.
Ayatul Qursi, the memorizing app
If you want to learn Ayat ul Kursi not as for paper reading,Ayatul Kursi 2019 MP3 Offline Audio Will be best choice to keep it with you and use the available time to learn Ayatul Qursi by heart. Ayat ul Kursi can be learnt by heart with little effort. So, Ayat ul Qursi Free reciting app is beneficial to read and memorize with HD text presentation.
Ayatul Kursi great reciters
The great reciters of Quran have recited Ayatul Kursi in their beautiful voices to create a bank of soulful recitation. The Ayatul Qursi reciters are the guiders for the Quran learners and their reciting recorded audio helps to remove ambiguity of the new Quran reciters.
Double reading modes
Ayatul Kursi 2019 MP3 Offline Audio is a double reading modes Quran application which gives ease to its readers to try day and night reading themes respectively in various times.
Ayatul Kursi MP3 version
The audio of Ayat ul Qursi is high quality Mp3 recording, stored to play all words Ayatul Kursi recitation offline. But the audio of Ayatul Kursi is customized and optional which can be skipped. The Ayatul Qursi audio is teaching you automatically Ayatul Qursi reading as a real free tutor. The tapping on Play icon on each page below side
Eye-catching pages view
The layout of Ayat ul Qursi is very colourful, attractive and able to read properly. New free Ayatul Qursi HD text is generally a soft copy of paper Quran and the correct Quranic words are pasted in a digital paper for designed view. The writing on the pages is standardized and colored background and stylish font.
Free offline reading and Ayatul Kursi audio
Offline reciting and listening Ayatul Qursi app is free to use to get a tension free approach to Al Quran Ayat and Surahs. Ayatul Qursi HD text and audio both are free for everyone.
How to use
Get the Ayat ul Qursi app by installing with internet
Easily you can read Ayat ul Kursi through swipe the pages up and down
Turn on the audio to hear Ayatul Kursi recitation
You have variety of reciters so choose any one of your favourites

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