Prayer Times: Azan Time 2022 contains Adan & Ramadan times Qibla Compass & Quran


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Jan 15, 2022

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Azan Times: Prayer Times Quran APP

Azan Times 2022 Alarm will Notify you about Prayer Time. Islamic Prayer Times is very use full app for people in all over the world
This Salah Time app will show the correct Prayer Times.
Azan Times is an Application that allow User to know the Prayer Times With the help of this app you can
know the Prayer Times from anywhere in the world . No matter where you are
, you will no longer have to worry about Namaz Times.
This is Azan app in which you can also see the direction of Qibla 🕋.
You can see the remaining Time of next Azan.
There are also morning and evening dhikrs 🙏.
The name of Allah is also present in this app with correct pronunciation in arabic.
A Tasbeeh counter 📿has also been made for you so that you can do Tasbeeh.
With Azan Time you can select your city using GPS or with manual mode.
this app will notify you about Namaz Time with alarm.
You do not have to open the app every time to see the Azan Time.
A notification bar will keep you informed about Prayer Times.
In Azan Time you can perform Namaz according to your juristic Method.
There are two juristic Methods Hanafi and Shafi
calculations for Asr Prayers have been added for your comfort.
There is also a sound notification for Azan.
there two azan short Azan and long Azan user can select one from both of them which suits him.

You can change your city whenever you want to see the Prayer Time
of other city during your Travel across World
You can see the time of Prayers in it without telling your location
If you are in a place where you need to know about the Kabah, Qibla
then you don't need to worry at all With the help of this app of Namaz ,
you can easily find out the direction of Qibla with one click across all over the World.
Namaz Time is an app to show the accurate Prayer Timings and covers most of the cities of World.
All major Cities of World are included in this Application.


- Shows you the exact Prayer Timings.
- in this app user can Mute the notify sound of Azan in settings section.
- It tells you the remaining time for the next Prayer..
- You can view monthly Azan Times.
- It alarms you by the sound of Azan on each and every Prayer.
- You can change or adjust Azan Time manually.

Azan Time is designed to tell timing for prayer in the majority of countries, It is Designed for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and also in Iran,
It will work as a reminder for Azan timings.
User can Mute the sound of Azan.
-The Prayer app tells you the remaining time for next Prayer.
Azan app calculate timing of prayer using location
including Arab countries middle east India, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Iraq , Syria , Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.
In Azan you can adjust Times manually
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