Azora : Dance of Ice and Fire APK

Dance the ice and fire dragons with the joystick.

Version1.0.1 (14)
UpdatedNov 29, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperZeytin Interactive
CategoryGames, Strategy

+Dance the ice and fire dragons with the joystick.
+Skip level by collecting required medals .
+Watch out for ice and fire.

------------------[ DRAGONS ( Ice and Fire ) ]---------------------------
*Azora ,you will control the blue and red dragon. Blue dragon in the
direction of the arrow, red dragon in the opposite direction.

-----------------[ ENEMIES (Monsters) ]---------------------------------
*If the enemies hit the dragons, the game is over.

---------------------[ MEDALS ]----------------------------------------------------
*If you collect enough medals,you can pass the levels.

--------------[ MAGIC WATER and FIRE ]--------------------------------
*If magic water and fire is 100% or 0% , the game is over

*If the Blue dragon gets magic Water , magic Water bar increases.
Also, if the Blue dragon gets a magic Fire, the magic Fire bar is reduced.

*If the Red dragon gets magic Fire , magic Fire bar increases.
Also, if the Red dragon gets a magic Water, the magic Water bar is reduced.

--------------------------[ LEVEL PASS ]-----------------------------
*You Should collect different numbers and variety of
medals for each level.For some levels the magic fire bar
and the magical water bar level are important to win.
--------------------Be Careful Azora--------------------------------

-Game of Drangons . Red and Blue . Ice and Fire .

-Fight for Freedom .

-GoT it .

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