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Sep 12, 2023
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Transferring credit to your credit card is now easier than you think! Get your first loan now with up to 20% discount!
With the "Azpulmat" mobile application, you can get a loan instantly. With us, you can transfer the loan amount to your card without refusal and without applying to the bank.
The amount is on your card within minutes!

97% of loan applications are approved quickly and without problems! You transfer the amount to your card without leaving your home and without any difficulty.

It is possible to get a loan easily and quickly through a smartphone. Forget visiting credit institutions and collecting a large number of documents and references. Now it is enough to have a mobile phone in your hand to take a credit card. It is possible to get the loan without any problems or worries. You can apply for a loan without applying to the bank. Save your energy and time. It is possible to get the loan through the "Azpulmat" mobile application.

With us, you can formalize the debt at any time. No proof of your source of income is required!

To get a loan, you must meet the following conditions:
The minimum loan repayment period is 61 days;
The maximum loan repayment period is 364 days;
Loan amount from 20 AZN to 500 AZN;
Daily interest rate depending on the loan - from 0.08% to 0.66%.
Maximum annual interest rate: 570 %
There is no fee for early and partial repayment of the loan.

Borrower requirements:
- 18-65 age range;
- Document confirming the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Contact us if you are having trouble closing your loan on time. We will discuss with you the possible solutions for the payment of the loan: revision of the payment schedule and partial payment of the current payment.

An example of calculating the total cost: if you take 100 manats for 91 days, taking into account the extension, 60 rewards will be given. In conclusion, the amount you will pay back at the end of the term is 160. APR- 560%.
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