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Apr 11, 2024
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"The endless sky in front of you and the underwater world that spreads out"
"AZUREA-Sky Song-" is a realistic fantasy world where you can freely move between the sky and the sea, with the theme of transparent fantasy.
Fly around the magnificent sky and sway the bottomless deep sea to discover amazing adventures and uncover the hidden truth with your own hands. Character making that can be customized in various ways is the first step to a new life. Challenge high difficulty dungeons and polish your sophisticated movements!

Go through the clouds to the bottom of the sea. There are endless ways to enjoy it! The adventure of a vast world awaits you!

"Home" system implementation!

Create your own dream home! Highly flexible construction is possible on land of 30,000 square meters or more!
Change the terrain or redecorate with hundreds of types of furniture! Aquariums, kitchen gardens, and a relaxing life with pets will come true!
Explore isolated islands and enjoy a communal life with your friends!

"The singing voice of Genwhale leads the story of your own cloud continent"
A variety of adventure systems, all of the fields that cross the land, sea and air will give you an unprecedented experience!
Transform into a monster and conduct an interview survey! Take a picture of a phenomenon that cannot be seen with the naked eye! The bad end will be changed to the good end! ?? Sound source, hidden treasure chest, more than 100 stories, more than 300 pictorial books, all of them are recorded in the adventure notebook ♪

"The world of the four seasons woven by the harmony of light and shadow"
Achieve high-quality graphics with next-generation rendering and ray tracing technology. You can enjoy various weather such as sunny, rain, thunder and snow in a super-realistic way!
Whether you're flying in the sky or exploring the ocean floor, you'll be fascinated by the art of vision that blends in.

"Revolutionary character making that makes you want to be yourself"
Customize your character making and get the look you want!
You can create your own character by adjusting from the skeleton!
More than 400 parts can be adjusted, and everything from skin to makeup can be fine-tuned! All-you-can-choose lips and eyeshadows with a colorful palette! Make a difference with styling that can even create gradations on perms and meshes! The line of sight of that child who is worried about is also nailed! ??

"Let's aim for a master with abundant side jobs for cooking, dancing, and composition."
If you get into various professions and meet a new self, new fun awaits you!
Choose your favorite profession from the phantom thief who steals the treasure of NPC, the gourman who cooks the world's gastronomy, the musician who plays the original music, the dancer who attracts everyone's attention with his feats, and the beautician who creates new designs!

"Overwhelming power x exhilaration! Experience an unprecedented large-scale battle"
Here is a bloody and exciting battle. Let's capture the high difficulty dungeon!
Explore the archaeological dungeon along the story. The timing of the positioning and the technique is determined, and the flexible teamwork shines!
With the roar of the Beast King aside in the ghost that caused the incident, hesitate the whirlwind! In the desolate temple, a fiery grazing awaits! In the Great Wall deep underground, you can beat Hanra who wields a huge hammer! Test your skills with your friends in the ultra-difficult dungeon "God Killing"!
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