Babel Flashcards: Biblical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic APK

Flashcard app with high-quality decks for biblical languages

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Babel Flashcards: Biblical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic is a comprehensive flashcard app for students of the biblical languages. Use it to help learn the vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Greek New Testament. Features include:

• Free starter decks with high-frequency words for New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Biblical Aramaic

• Comprehensive decks available for in-app purchase for each language

• High-quality glosses and part of speech for every card

• Audio pronunciation of each lemma

• Ability to filter decks based on frequency, part of speech, and canonical reference range

• Spaced repetition for efficient learning

• Glosses for all attested stems for Hebrew/Aramaic verbs

• Optional, innovative display of glosses for Hebrew/Aramaic verbs: checkerboard pattern for stems, visually identifying more frequent stems

• Attractive, readable font for biblical languages


For Greek, the words are pronounced using an Erasmian style. For Hebrew, they follow Modern Israeli pronunciation. For Aramaic, the pronunciation follows closely the Masoretic pronunciation indicated in the text of the Hebrew Bible.


Flip a card by tapping it or swiping up or down. Mark yourself as having gotten it correct by swiping right. Mark yourself as having gotten it incorrect by swiping left.


If you have purchased the complete deck for a language, you can filter the cards to make a deck of your own choosing. The cards can be filtered based on frequency, part of speech, and location in the Bible. If you just have the free starter decks, you can also filter the starter deck and derive new decks from it.


The Leitner system of spaced repetition helps you master and retain vocabulary efficiently and effectively. The app keeps track of how thoroughly you have mastered each word, and spaces how often you see each accordingly. Cards that have been firmly mastered are displayed rarely, and cards that have not been mastered show up much more often. You can adjust how frequently cards appear at each level of mastery. You also have the option to quiz all of the cards in a deck, regardless of how well you have learned them thus far.

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