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The app can help your baby to relax with stories, sounds and lullabies

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Too tired from work? Can’t remember a good bedtime story or even just a simple lullaby to sing your baby to sleep? Worry not! “Baby Ant - Cute Songs for Kids” app is here to help you get through your dilemmas!

Awesome ways “Baby Ant - Cute Songs for Kids” can help you:

- Help you and your baby achieve good relationship through helping you bond and spend time together - even when you are working at home – with its wide variety of activities designed for you.
- Makes learning and teaching easy for you and your baby with the app’s awesome interactive activities.
- Helps your baby get a good night rest with the apps white noise feature that’ll ensure sound sleeping for your baby.
- This app can help you and your baby’s relaxation and have fun together with the stories and lullabies you can listen to together on your free hours.
- Have meditation and relaxation therapy time with your baby during your free time with the apps wide selection of relaxing music and sounds.
- Keeps you in touch with your babies movements and activities even after they sleep with the app’s baby tracker and baby sleep monitor.
- “Baby Ant - Cute Songs for Kids” will not only help you juggle your work and parenting time nicely, but will also help you create happy memories with your baby.

Amazing features of the “Baby Ant - Cute Songs for Kids” app:

- High-quality audio books featuring the most popular bedtime stories and fairytales.
- High-quality baby songs and lullabies that’ll put your baby to sleep faster and easier.
- “Baby Ant - Cute Songs for Kids” app comes with a song timer to allow you to play music on background while your baby is fast asleep and then turns itself off after a certain period of time.
- This app also comes with a “Nap timer” that allows lullabies or baby song to play and signal you when it is time for your baby’s nap or time to go to bed.
- Wide selections of relaxing music that’ll help you calm your nerves or help your baby stay happy by relaxation therapy.
- Meditation music selection includes the sound of the ocean waves, the sound of the seas, or even the sound of birds chirping the in the forest.
- The app can run on background with your other apps which makes it very easy for you to check on your email and other work stuff on the internet while letting your baby listen to lullabies and songs or even bedtime stories.
- Colorful and entertaining background wallpapers are available for each song selection that’ll keep you and your baby entertained.
- Singing the right lyrics will not be a problem for you anymore because of the app’s built-in lyrics display which you can opt to turn on and off.
- Want to teach your baby the alphabet? No problem! Interactive lessons are available on the app for you to use together with your baby.
- Baby’s not old enough to talk or read yet? Keep him/her comfortable, relaxed and happy with the app’s feature “Womb’s sound”. This will make your baby feel as if they’re back inside you or your wife’s tummy again.
- You can still keep in touch with your baby’s activities even after you’ve tucked her/him to sleep with the app’s baby monitor and baby tracker.

Bringing up toddlers seems to be an impossible task. It is a point in our lives where we start to discover things on our own and develop our emotional as well as our mental aspects which we will be using in our future lives.

Toddlers are very delicate and they need a lot of care. Also, the basic foundation of their education lies on how we, as parents, handle these few years of their lives. But if we’re too busy with work stuff, how are we going to do that?

We only have one goal in mind: to help you and your baby’s bonding intact despite this busy and techie world. Download this app, now!

Email: ccdev85@gmail.com

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