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Jan 10, 2023

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Baby Panda's Habit Diary APP

Hi kids, do you want to know the secrets of growth? What do our teeth do? Why do we need to eat vegetables? Want to know the answer? Then come and learn health tips and develop good habits together!

A toothless old lady is eating something of different hardness. Observe her reactions and you will understand the role of teeth. Next, let's head to the food kingdom! See what vegetables, fruits and other foods do!

Experience the work of a dentist and help patients cure their cavities! Don't forget to eat after work! Choose your food and customize a delicious yet nutritious meal! Discover the bad habits of your friends when they eat and help them correct them!

It's time to brush our teeth today! Turn on the camera, pick up your toothbrush, and do it with Nana in the screen. Brush your teeth carefully and destroy bacteria! Do the task every day and you will gradually form the good habit of brushing your teeth every day!

The little prince from the picture book has a tooth decay! What's going on? Go and find out! Kaka and Nana have also prepared a lot of fun children's songs about good habits for you. Let's sing and dance together!

There are more good habits in Baby Panda's Habit Diary. Go check it out!

- Learn about science and get growth tips;
- Explore the secrets of our teeth and become a little defender of teeth;
- Learn about nutrient ratios of vegetables, fruits, eggs, and more;
- Immersive interaction: Do it with good friends;
- Stick to a daily routine and build healthy habits;
- Read picture books, sing children's songs and participate in fun activities!

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