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Jun 5, 2024
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Baby Panda's School Bus GAME

Hi, kids! Play this car driving game designed especially for you now! You can drive various cool cars, embark on exciting journeys and discover endless secrets and fun of the car world!

Are you ready to go? You can drive a school bus, a police car, a fire truck, a train and other vehicles! Get behind the wheel, grip the steering wheel, and head for the kindergarten, police station, fire scene, suburb, forest and more places. Start your car adventure now!

While driving, you will receive many interesting tasks, such as transporting students to the hospital for medical checkups, catching the thief for the residents, building a Ferris wheel, rescuing the drowning person, or going into the orchard and picking fresh fruits for the farmer!

There is a car wash ahead. Why don't you give your car a thorough wash? Soap, scrub, rinse, and you're done. Your car looks great again! And don't forget to go to the gas station and fill up your car with petrol so it can keep running!

Every journey is a marvelous experience, and every quest you complete will add a wonderful chapter to your adventure. Come to the world of cars and drive for fun!

- Enjoy the fun of driving;
- Choose from 5 kinds of cars: school bus, police car, construction truck, fire truck and train;
- Nearly 30 interesting tasks such as washing your car, catching a thief, putting out a fire and transporting goods and passengers;
- Meet 12 friendly characters;
- Supports offline play.

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