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A good back not only gives your physique a wide and powerful look, which immediately identifies you as a bodybuilder, but it also gives you the illusion of having a smaller waist. It’s sad that some recreational bodybuilders neglect their back training simply because they cannot see the body part, and thus, focus solely on training the chest instead. However, they do not have any idea of the big disservice that they are doing to themselves. The best bodybuilders in the world have a phenomenal back.

Back exercises provides you with the most effective workouts to grow you back and improve your posture and strength, ideal for a complete bodybuilding workouts.
This training tool is all you'll need to knock out these seven back-blasting exercises
The amount of twisting, bending, flexing and rotating you do every day makes it a challenge to keep your back feeling healthy and happy. Even sitting can stress your back. Due to the high stress placed on your back and the high costs that come with back pain and injury, you should incorporate some back exercises into your daily fitness routine. Keeping your back functional can generally improve your quality of life and make it easier to keep exercising and working out at your best.

The benefits of Back exercise include increasing strength in your back muscles. You have multiple muscle groups in your back: lats, traps, the core erector muscles along your spine and many more. You use these muscles in many daily activities.

In summary, this app provides many exercises tutorials

Bodybuilding workouts: Pulldown-Front, Pronation Grip
Bodybuilding workouts: Hyperextension
Bodybuilding workouts : One Arm Row
Dead lift
Bend To opposite
Scapular Retractio
Bodybuilding workouts: Bent Over Row
Bodybuilding workouts: Kneeling One Arm Row
and more

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