Revitalize her look with facial treatments. You'd love to play makeover game.


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Feb 7, 2018

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Back To School Makeover Game GAME

Getting ready for school is something that can be fun and exciting. With the Going Back To School Makeover game you can get your character ready for her big day back at school with a brand new style. With this fun school makeover game you can easily give your character a relaxing massage to calm nerves by applying oils, moisturizes and stones to smooth out the skin. Next you can give her a lovely hair style after you clean and wash her hair ready.

Curl, straighter or cut her hair to create a new and exciting style that will make her friends jealous. Using your professional skills you can easily finish her off by applying her makeup ready which will go with her new outfit that you can choose for her!

- WASH and rinse her back before massaging it with essential oils

- PLACE beauty stones onto the back for a short amount of time before removing them

- APPLY a moisturizing gel to help make the skin feel soft and smooth

- MASSAGE oils and mud into your characters back before rinsing it off

- WASH, rinse and dry her hair before styling it to make a new look

- CUT, straighten, curl, or colour her hair to make it look new and fresh

- CHANGE her mascara, eye color, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick to give her a new look

- CHOOSE and DRESS UP with new outfit between a headpiece, shirt, pants, skirt, dress, jewelry, and shoes to complete her look
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