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UpdatedMar 06, 2020 (10 months ago)
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The app for real lovers of backgammon, the legendary board game for two players, where experts can find worthy opponents from all over the world and novices can learn the rules of backgammon and become backgammon masters free. An ancient intellectual game not for beach bum.

Dozens of boards, a variety of tournaments, simple controls and great audio - all this comes completely free in King of Dice

🎲 Backgammon has a place of honor in the pantheon of international boardgames alongside such games as chess, checkers, Poker, Blackjack, Mahjong, and Yahtzee.

Fair games only!
No more loaded dice, "lucky" double sixes at the worst moment or other similar "coincidences". Real dice flight physics and genuine randomization reproduce the element of chance in the game of backgammon, where every throw can change the game completely.

🎲 Offline mode!
Access to backgammon offline even with no internet - just start an offline tournament and compete against AI. You can pause a game at any time and come back to it later.

✈️ Tour the world!
Check out the world's most high-stakes boards, moving from country to country and competing for ever-greater rewards! In every new league you'll find exclusive boards, chips, dice, and even soundtracks.

🏆 Compete in tournaments!
Compete for huge prizes in tricky knockout tournaments or risky pair-on-pair battles - each player can find their favorite format.

🛋 Real comfort!
Throw the dice and have fun - the AI will follow all the rules of backgammon and long narde, and tell you immediately if your move is permissible or if there are exceptions to the rules. Play the way you like - by tapping on the relevant point, dragging your chips or double-clicking. King of Dice responds to any prompt and adapts to your playing style.

☝️ By backgammon fans for backgammon fans
- Adherence to all rules approved by the World Backgammon Federation
- Ability to throw the dice yourself, controlling the force of the throw and the twist of the dice cup
- Honest randomization, physically realistic dice flight, and no lucky "coincidences" for your opponent
- Excellent graphics with realistic, carefully crafted boards
- Tournaments in different countries, from Moscow to Dubai
- Ambient soundtrack to help immerse you in the atmosphere of the game
- All variants of backgammon available - standard, long narde, and doubling!

King of Dice is not a gambling game for real money, it's a backgammon simulator played to the genuine rules. All prizes are in-game only, and match results depend on your skill.

What's New

🔥Новая система лиг уже в игре!☄️
⭕️Теперь в каждой стране доступно свое испытание. Победа дарует вам кубок🏆, которым можно похвастать перед друзьями или другими игроками💪
⭕️Обновлена система квестов✅, теперь их нужно выполнять последовательно.
⭕️Добавлено множество новых скинов для зар🎲, которые вы можете заработать, побеждая в определенных испытаниях.

Email: support@casualgamesonline.com

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