Apps and Contacts backup and restore tool.

BACKUPit is an All-In-One Backup and Restore tool helps backup/restore all your applications and contacts to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive.

◈ Main Features

1. App Manager
◼ Apps Backup and Restore to internal and external storage.
◼ App Launcher.
◼ Multi App Uninstaller/Batch Uninstaller.
◼ Search App on Play Store for updates.
◼ Sort Apps by Name, Size, Date and Installed/Archived.
◼ View Details of App like App Path, App Version, App Size and App Install Date.
◼ App/Apk Share via bluetooth and WiFi file transfer apps.
◼ Upload and Download Apps to/from Google Drive.
◼ Auto Backup Apps function.

2. Contact Manager
◼ Contacts Backup and Restore.
◼ View and Search Contacts.
◼ Sort Contacts by Names.
◼ Contacts Deleter/Remover.
◼ Send Contacts to your friends.
◼ Upload and Download Contacts to/from Google Drive.

★ App Settings
◼ Enable/Disable Auto Backup Apps and Notifications.
◼ Manage Google Drive Account - Sign In/Sign Out.
◼ Show/Hide System Apps.
◼ Show/Hide Storage usage bar.
◼ Enable/Disable Auto Check App Updates.

★ About Permissions:
To use this app you will be prompted for grant permission to access storage and contacts to allow backup and restore operations on your device.
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What's New

Upload to Google Drive.
Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.
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Latest Version

Version1.3 (13)
Updated2019-09-22 (3 months ago)
Installs 10+

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