Baghchal Game APK

Baghchal Game is a board game played as Tiger and Goats.

Version1.0 (6)
UpdatedApr 06, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperNavush Tech
CategoryGames, Board

Baghchal game also known as Bagchal game is one of the anicient board game played in Nepal and some parts of India as well. Baghchal game consists of 4 tigers and 20 goats. It is also known as Tiger and Goat game. Both Tiger and Goat move through the straight line of Bagchal board. The difference is Tiger can jump Goats if there is empty place following the goat on a straight line. Tiger wins by eating atleast 9 Goats by jumping and Goats win by trapping all four Tigers.

Winning Condition for Tiger:
When atleast 9 Goats are Killed.

Winning Condition for Tiger:
When all four Tigers are Trapped.

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