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Baldi's Halloween Party - Baldis Basics MOD


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NameBaldi's Halloween Party - Baldis Basics MOD APK
Version1.11.23 (2)
UpdatedJul 23, 2021
Developerlee wee
CategoryGames, Arcade

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Baldi throws a halloween party
Horror nights 2021

Baldi's Halloween Party - Baldis Basics MOD Game

Welcome to Baldi's Halloween Party: throws a party halloween horror nights 2021

Almost Halloween 2021 everybody! 🎃 Better be ready
To celebrate, Baldi is throwing a party. It's not same Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash celebrate. You want to know how does baldi celebrate halloween bash party? Just download this baldi is basic classics Halloween 2021 bash game.
Now enjoy Baldi's halloween party is best creepy/bad edutainment games with new mod from Baldi Basics!
Baldi's throws a parrty halloween horror nights 2021, make me helloween
Baldi's Basics in education and learning is a state-of-the-art, fully 3D interactive, fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects in the halloween session
Baldi basic in halloween and cloned birthday with Baldi's Halloween Party is a horror, edutainment parody game. The player with collecting notebooks, all the while trying to avoid Baldi and pay attention to their surroundings to avoid being hindered by the strange cast of characters: bonde, balti, bonnie, bandy, baldo, buldo, baldis coma, bendy...!
RIP scary math teacher is killed dies dead grave
Base on Baldis's basics, Baldis Halloween Party mod have Bandi new shcoolhouse map, baldi's Basics challenges maps. So, you can try to escape quickly from the School, or the angry teacher, principal gonna catch You.

What's new in Baldi's Halloween Party - Baldi's Basics MOD?
💀 Baldi throws a party halloween horror nights 2021 with moldy
💀 Halloween Party With Super Fast, ghost, skull
💀 Dreamworld in new demo of baldi basics plus, that baldi's basic challenge
💀 Being bullied by Baldi.Hmmm So, you can kill Baldi, kill math teacher. Make math teacher dies in halloween day
💀 Challenge maps and Bandi new shcoolhouse map
💀 3D Dinosaur Adventure: save the dinosaurs, fully 3D interactive schoolhouse
💀 Baldi's unreal basics in education and learning at the School Robbery
💀 Kindness wins all: red bally and professor x
💀 Baldi is dead these days and why they killed Baldi??? that halloween kill!
💀 Music to keep on running
💀 Multi minigame with Baldy to the lobby! let's RIP Math Teacher is dead killed dies funeral
💀 Baldis basics plus lighting
💀 New room Halloween edition
💀 Baldi's Spooky horror house
💀 Basics classic remastered

Carefull with Baldi's ghost, REALLY SCARY!
Now, without further ado, let's download and play Baldi's Halloween Party - Baldi's Basics MOD with your friends.
Enjoy and have fun!!! Happy Halloween 🎃
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