Ball Jump Master – Idle Bounce Ball Go Up APK

Ball Jump Master – Idle Bounce Ball Go Up


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Latest Version

NameJump Master APK
Version1.0.2 (3)
UpdatedJul 20, 2021
DeveloperDawn sun
CategoryGames, Casual

Ball Jump Master – Idle Bounce Ball Go Up Game

Tap to go up in the obstacle course to collect stars, avoid collision & have fun

Are you struggling to have fun in the middle of boring days? How about shaking things up a little with the help of an exciting impossible jump idle ball game? Brace yourself to enter the amazing hyper casual jumping ball game mode where you will get to test your reflexes and do your best to collect the stars and make it to the finish line. The challenging reflex test boredom killer is designed to polish your tap tap skills, so you can make your way up in the sky and collect stars while you go. From static obstacles to moving stars, this dynamic game will make it very hard for you to avoid collisions. You must play carefully! So, sit back and roll up your sleeves to play the challenging obstacle course game.
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Challenging Obstacle Course
Are you ready to face the epic reflex test challenge of your lifetime? Enter the ultimate obstacle course arena and tap tap to move up in the course and collect stars. This challenging idle ball game is not easy – you will need to stay on top of your moves to avoid collision in the sky. Successfully make it up to the finish line and collect points for setting a new record!

Dynamic Boredom Killer Levels
Prepare to enter the most immersive impossible jump idle ball gaming experience of your lifetime! This hyper casual jumping ball game features dynamic obstacle course levels, where you will face deadly blockades. The moving stars and static obstacles will make it harder than ever to avoid collision as you tap tap to collect stars and move up!

Collect Stars and Avoid Collision
The idle ball game has smooth tap tap controls, where you have only two main goals – collect stars and avoid collision with the blockades. Tap as quickly as you can to push the idle ball up in the impossible jump course and safely make it to finish line. Remember that you will not be able to complete a level, unless you collect the stars.

Hyper Casual Reflex Test Mode
Have you got the speed and reflexes needed to complete the challenge in the shortest amount of time? Set new boredom killer records and complete the reflex test hyper casual challenge to prove you impossible jump skills.

Features of Ball Jump Master – Idle Bounce Ball Go Up
1. Simple and easy to play tap tap impossible jump game UI/UX
2. Immersive obstacle course with static and dynamic challenges
3. Hyper casual reflex test levels with moving challenges and more
4. Move up to collect the stars and avoid the collision for success
5. Make it safely up to the finish line and cross it to clear the level
6. Idle ball boredom killer offering smooth jumping ball experience
7. Dark mode game with amazing experience for easy play mode
8. Complete the level as quickly as you can to set new records

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