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Like basketball ? then this is the game for you. Basketball shoot is a simple but very addictive game.

Wanna have fun playing a basketball game? Want to become the best basketball shooter? Then basketball shooting is one of the best basketball games or sports games you must be looking for.

Basketball shooting is an exciting basketball game or basketball shoot game where you can shoot a basketball in various modes as a basketball shooter.

This professional basketball game consists of 3 parts - Multiplayer mode, Practice mode and Stages.

In practice part - Arcade mode, Time mode and Distance mode are among the most popular.

1. Arcade mode
In the Arcade mode, player will have 10 balls to shoot. If one of these balls falls into the basket without touching the ring, then the player will earn an extra ball. If the ball misses the basket, then the player will lose a ball.

2. Time mode
In the Time mode, player needs to shoot, keeping the time in mind as a basketball shooter. Every time the ball falls into the basket when the player shoots, he gains extra time in this college basketball game or basketball hoop shoot game.

3. Distance mode
In the distance mode of this basketball games or basketball shoot game, the goal is to shoot successfully from the longest possible distance. Initially the player needs to shoot from a distance of 1 meter, if he achieves this goal, then he will shoot from a longer distance. If the player misses the basket then the distance is shortened by 1 meter. It is game over when the distance is zero meter.

4. Dunk mode
Have fun with the basketball dunk game!

This fantasy basketball or netball game is one of the best college basketball coaching apps. Get sufficient basketball drills and basketball free throw, by shooting through the backboard basketball.
Experience the basketball fever by becoming one of the best basketball players of a basketball team.

Multiplayer part
Engage in a basketball battle or basketball war and become a basketball legend, by playing this ring basketball game. Have an intense basketball training in a basketball playground while preparing for a basketball championship, by playing this basketball game.

Download this top basketball shootout game and have fun shooting the ball through the basketball hoop in a basketball court as a basketball shooter, all for free.

What's New

1. Compete with other players in realtime match.

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