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Track and share intuitively your basketball team statistics. Improve your game!

Version6.24 (64)
UpdatedFeb 15, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
DeveloperArtalejo Solutions
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Basketball Stats Assistant will help you track and analyze your team basketball statistics easily. The best basketball stats keeper app in the market.

Discover the new season reports per team and player where you will be able to analyze basketball advanced statistics that will help your team improve their game.


- By dragging and dropping any basketball action to the selected player on court the system will record the stats so that you do not lose a second of the game.
- Track second plays with just a tap thanks to the continuation dialogs that will appear on the screen after any field goal is missed or scored, fouls are committed or drawn, steals or turnovers.
- Track the remaining time of the game and the current quarter. Also edit them easily by clicking on the scoreboard directly in case the time differs from the real one.
- Check team stats and player stats whilst the game is on
- Fix any mistakes quickly by dropping the red cross icon on the player that needs to be fixed. Also edit any shot position even after the game is finished.


- Shot charts ( Scored and missed shots as well as percentages)
- Free throws
- Points
- Assists
- Rebounds
- Fouls committed and drawn
- Steals
- Turnovers
- Blocks
- Time outs
- Minutes per player


Reports per game

- Stats per player and his/hers shot chart
- Team stats comparison chart
- Lead tracker chart
- Play to play
- Box score per team
- Efficiency
- Plus minus ( +/ - )

Season reports per player

- Shot charts and percentages per season
- Stats per opponent and date
- Season highs per stats

Season reports per team
- Shot charts and percentages per season
- Stats per opponent and date
- Overall team statistics
- Team season highs
- Individual season highs
- Advanced statistics ( Shooting, Ball handling, Rebounding and scoring - eFG%, TSA, TS%, FTR)


- Track the time easily with the center court play/pause button. In case any mistake happens whilst tracking the time or quarters, you can edit it easily by clicking on the scoreboard and updating it accordingly.
- Check the game score and fouls per quarter with a quick look


- Share your team unique link with your player or other coaches so that they can also analyze the statistics. They will need to log in to the app and click on the unique link you shared with them. They will start receiving notifications as soon as your game is backed up and will see the same stats that you tracked.


- Drag any player to the center of the court to see their live stats whilst the game is on.
- Drag any action to the center of the court or click on the interrogation mark on the right menu to see the icons meaning.
- Cancel the last action that you tracked on any player by dragging the cancellation icon ( Red circular icon with a white plus symbol ).

Permissions :

- Access to your storage to save stats and reports.
- Internet in order to back up your data

What's New

- Adding new continuation dialog to track blocks and missed shots after a block easily.
- Adding partial score runs dialog to check easily the last score runs.
- Improving team and players season reports

Email: support@basketstatsapp.com

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