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Automatically enable airplane mode during a specified period and save battery!

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DeveloperJeroen Daanen
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Batterest automatically enables the airplane mode (flight mode) daily during a specified timeframe (the resting period).
Because the airplane mode disables every communication channel of your phone or tablet, it will use very little battery during the resting period: it prevents apps from using these communication channels and draining your battery. This way it also mutes notifications of for instance Wordfeud or Whatsapp during the specified period because these apps cannot connect to the server as there is no internet connection.

* Starts and stops flight mode daily on the specified times
* Option to silence all sounds during the resting period except media and alarms (in menu > settings)
* When in a phone call Batterest will not start the resting period
* When airplane mode is already on, Batterest will not change anything to the airplane mode setting
* When airplane mode settings are changed during the resting period, Batterest will not change the airplane mode at the end of the resting period.
* On some devices, if your sim card requires a pin, you have to enter the pin after airplane mode is turned off by Batterest
* Does not work on Android 4.2.x and later because only the system itself is allowed to change the Airplane Mode setting

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Email: android@jeroendaanen.nl

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