BatteryFullApp APK

This App plays a ringtone when your phone is fully charged.

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UpdatedJun 14, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperDragos Bercea
CategoryApps, Tools

When you open the app, you can press turn app on or turn app off.

Turn app on will start a background service that will monitor your phones battery. When the service is enabled, and the phone has reached 100% battery while it's charging, the device will start ringing. As soon as the device is removed from the charger (or turn app off is pressed) the ringtone will stop.

once you press "turn app on" you can exit the application and continue using your phone normally, and the background task will monitor your phones battery.

The "Turn app off" will immediately stop the service, meaning that your phone will no longer start ringing once it's battery is full and the device is in charge. Any battery monitoring on the applications part will cease immediately.

Email: dragosbercea@gmail.com

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